Event FAQ

What is Crypto-Night?

Crypto-Night is a security focused event in which students who specialize in network security, professors, and individuals in industry participate in educating students on topics ranging

from java security to protecting your online identity. Crypto-Night aims to add to the courses taught on information security and assurance at Sac State.

What are Technical Talks?

Tech-Talks are a new and exciting way for the members of ACM and the Engineering & Computer-Science communicty to give us an insight into their world through a TED talk esque event. It allows anybody and everybody to inform the members of ACM and the audience of a certain topic they are passionate about and knowledgeable in. From amateur 3D modeling to professor made bot-nets, we welcome any and all to get involved with the ECS discourse community.

Do you have a topic that you'd like to share with the members of ACM at Sac State? Contact our Technical Talk Coordinator Augustine Orozco here.