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On November 21st, ACM at Sac State held its first ever Crypto-Night, and the results were astounding! We had the room filled to over capacity, with many students opting to sit

in the aisles to be able to participate.

The security talks featured Devin Cook, a professor at Sac State, giving a presentation on Botnets and the ability to remotely take over multiple computers on a network . Next,

William Kinderman, a student, presented on ways to protect both your identity and your computer while online. Following him, Michael Garret presented on Security in java programming.

Shawn Maxim followed him with instructions on how to remain anonymous online by using tools such as Tor and Tails to mask your identity. Finally, Darryl Nixon discussed the value of

online privacy, and finished with an group PGP key signing.

Their presentations can be found below:

Devin Cook: Not Available

William Kinderman: How to Computer: Best Practices for Safe Interwebs

Michael Garrett: Not Available

Shawn Maxim: Anonymity and Security While Using the Web

Darryl Nixon: Privacy Matters